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About Us


While other sports performance facilities train their athletes with “old school” methods, we chose a more advanced style. Because to be a successful modern day athlete, you need proper data to support your training.


At FitMotionLab, we’ve bridged the gap between science and sports to truly optimize for the most advanced sports performance training. The truth is, movement is poetry and it must be studied to give you the proper tools to create the best advantage for you to dominate in your sport.

What is FitMotionLab?

  • Sports Performance Training for the new Generation of Athletes

  • Smarter Performance Training taken to a whole new level by utilizing Data Driven Insights to accelerate progress and accurately track results on every exercise

  • Besides tracking weight, it has always been difficult to know if you’re making progress in other areas… But now, we can make sure you’re really improving by tracking velocity and power output.

  • Golf is a numbers game. Your fitness should be too.

  • Golf Training has been a guessing game… until now. Powered by data driven results, we know exactly how to push you to the next level.

  • Don’t just train like the best in the world. Train like the smartest in the world for any sport

  • Kinesiology is the study of movement science, so why are trainers still using the “old school” methods? We decided it was time to upgrade, and that’s why we use the right tools to study our athletes’ movement patterns, so they can reach the next level faster than ever before.

Josh Loyo

Founder / CEO

Sports performance has always been a large part of my life.  Growing up playing tennis was my passion, and I spent countless hours on and off the tennis court and in the gym to be the best that I could possibly be.  Golf was mostly my “outlet” sport growing up as it was my cousin's passion and I would challenge him, needless to say he would beat me up frequently and with my competitive spirit I was determined to beat him someday at his own sport.  


Josh attended UC Riverside for college earning his BS in Biological Sciences while continuing to play tennis.  After undergrad I pursued my PTA License in 2012 and began my outpatient orthopedic Physical Therapy career.  Always being passionate for sports I needed to get into sports performance.  In 2013 I obtained my first TPI certification from Titleist and began my journey in golf performance training.  I continued to build my reputation in golf,  training some of the best golfers in the world from world number 1 amateurs to PGA and LPGA Tour professionals. 


In the beginning of 2023 I Founded FitMotionLab which focuses on science based technology and human movement. We pride in giving our athletes top of the line equipment to be able to track data on every exercise performed.  The Lab is a place where all athletes, not just golfers can be the best in the world, taking human performance to the next level.  


“I truly believe that the human body is a complex machine, training everyone the same way just does not work as every individual moves differently from one another.  Having the ability to see how an individual moves is critical to building their programs.  This is where FitMotionLab changes the way athletes train.”


Devin Kim

Physical Therapist

Performance, health, and prevention are the cornerstones for Devin’s approach to sports performance and rehab. He attended Simmons University in Boston, MA to receive a Doctorate in Physical Therapy after graduating with B.S. in Kinesiology, Exercise Science from California State University Long Beach. Each experience solidified the importance of exercise as a tool to improve performance while optimizing health. 

Devin has navigated the turbulent seas of injury, recovery, and pain for professional athletes to weekend warriors. Guiding his clients through these waters is a passion that continues to drive him as a strength coach and physical therapist. 

“My experience has taught me that every body is different and requires a different approach to promote performance, longevity, and health”.


Daniela Verdugo

Massage Therapist

Health and Wellness has always been a passion of Daniela's. She attended California State University of Los Angeles and obtained her BS in Exercise Science /  Kinesiology emphasis in rehabilitation. As a former D1 tennis athlete she has dedicated her career to the overall physical and mental wellness of the human body as a fitness trainer. In 2019 she shifted her career into rehabilitation though sports massage therapy.  Where she has helped an abundant amount of athletes of all sports to get them performing at their physical best!


Daniela is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute where she became a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She has dedicated the last five years of her career to massage therapy and modalities.  

"Massage Therapy is not just a luxury, it's a way to help you perform and feel your physical best."

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